Workshops, Team-Building, and Corporate Retreats

We partner with schools, organizations, and business for workshops and team-building. We tailor our workshops to the purposes and constraints of the learning or team environments. Below is a sample outline of a short workshop or team-building experience. All times can be expanded and all elements can be customized. Some services we offer are:

  • Classroom workshop (1-2 hours): Enhance student personal connection with the learning material; have students think about the learning content in creative ways to increase neurological processing of the material.

  • Team Building (2-3 hours): Unite the team by building personal connection to the organization’s mission and values, and to each other as teammates.

  • Corporate retreat mission/goal alignment (2-4 hours): Connect your team to the organization’s mission and values, and to the specific goals of the corporate retreat. Your team will be in better communication, will have a clearer focus to accomplish the goals of the retreat, and will build and enhance personal relationships that sustain the rollout.

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Sample Workshop Outline

1 hour


Introductions, check-in, and Icebreakers (5-10 minutes)

  • Description: The goal of the check-in is to connect as a group and bring people into the present moment and a state of creative play and experimentation. For first-time groups this also is time to meet each other and establish a safe space.

Artistic prompt (5-10 minutes)

  • A short poem, song, and/or movie clip is read or played. This prompt should speak to participants so that they are able to relate it to their own lives and concerns. The prompt should also focus participants on the theme of the workshop or team-building experience.

Socratic Improvisational Play and discussion (10-20 minutes)

  • This is the most flexible part of a Fire Circle workshop. Depending on the purpose and artistic medium, this could involve improvisational writing, acting, or other movement based games; it could involve visual prompts. It may be a straightforward Socratic discussion. A guided play and discussion session where participants are prompted to think about their own experience and how it relates to the workshop theme and artistic prompts.

Individual writing (15-20 minutes)

  • A focused session where participants write poetry in an unstructured format based on their feelings and thoughts from the poem/song/movie and/or socratic discussion.

Sharing of writing (5-10 minutes)

  • Participants share their written works with the group.