Fire Circle Theater at Roseland University Prep High School for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!


Fire Circle Theater is bringing in class curriculum and after school programming to Roseland University Prep High School in Santa Rosa, made possible through grant funding by Creative Sonoma!

We are excited to be engaging students at R.U.P. for the 2019 - 2020 school year where our programs will enable students to creatively think about and connect to material they are learning in class.

As well, we will host an after school program designed to help students explore their own voices and experiences through creative writing and various artistic mediums and gear students up to connect with each other, their community and offer a platform to raise their voices at the 2020 ReVerberation festival!

Stay tuned for updates on work the students are doing and how this program will evolve throughout the year!

Fire Circle Theater wants to partner with your school or organization!

Fire Circle Theater would love to work with your school or organization and connect you to the students at all our partnered schools and the supporting artists we are connected with across the Bay Area! If you have any questions, please contact us at for more information!