The Road to 'Louder Than A Bomb'


What is Louder Than A Bomb?


Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) is the world’s largest Youth Poetry festival. Taken from their website:


"Two Chicago-based poets - Kevin Coval and Anna West - and a group of educators created a space for youth to congregate and express themselves through the writing and performing of spoken word poetry.

What started with a handful of teams spitting bars in a basement has grown into over 120 teams all over the city and the suburbs competing to packed houses.

Now more than 13 cities across the country and Canada use the LTAB Chicago model to educate and organize.”


The work we discovered LTAB was doing with students matched perfectly with our mission. To get students to investigate their lives, creatively write about it and perform that work on a professional stage. So, members from Fire Circle Theater went to Chicago to attend the Young Chicago Authors annual LTAB symposium. We met leadership from all over the country and a group from Canada, all offering this program. The positive impact on students we witnessed, from attending classrooms where LTAB is offered, to hearing the stories of success from other schools and organizations that attended, was massive and obvious. This was the kind of thing that we knew our communities here in the Bay could thrive on!


Our goals are to partner with schools, theaters and organizations all over the North Bay to offer year round poetry clubs and LTAB curriculum. Teams will then go and compete at the festival at the end of the 2019/20 school year. We are excited to be empowering our poets and offering them a stage for their voices to be heard. Eventually, we want to support some of the best our chapter has to offer and bring them to Chicago for their annual (inter)nation festival. It all begins with laying the groundwork now. Partnering with schools and working with LTAB leadership in Chicago to give our youth in the Bay the amazing gifts that the YCA has given to Chicago.



We want to work with your school!

Are you a school, organization, student or even someone who knows one, who would love this program? Let us know at and let’s partner to bring this to the North Bay!